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Audio Recon’s Weekly Leakage v.1

27 Jul

Weekly Leakage powered_by_podbean

We’re going to do our best to provide you with a weekly dose of music in the form of this podcast. I put together this week’s installment which focuses on some hip hop offerings from Audio Recon and distributed labels, Wormusic and Pattern Hungry Records.  This is appx. 30 min. of continuous music. If you’re feelin’ any of these tunes, please comment to let the artists know. Thanks for listening! -Id



1. Sound Excercise28 (the truth about sounds) – Smear

2. Escapee – Jason Mann (Whois Louis) ft. E. Brown

3. Patterns – Red Bus

4. Society ft. K-the-i??? and JD Walker – Nomar Slevik

5. Get Up Early – Maintaining a Common Nuisance

6. the Giant Trips – Dreadnots

7. Guerilla Grind – Merc Versus

8. an Interlude with DJ Mayonnaise and Nomar Slevik

9. Voyage from the Frontline ft. Xczircles – Id Obelus

10. Way Back – Grumpy Old Men

11 Smoke Screen (Scott Matelic Remix) – Twilight Sentinels



Listen to it Here!


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