A Night of Blues,Jazz, and Rock July 11th at the Earth House

28 Jun

I can’t wait for this show, some of the best cats I’ve ever known and worked with.  I gotta get a little personal with it here I consider all these guys brothers.

flyer 7-11

Mike gave me my start when I was 17, he was a ball state student and forming a band.  I answered an ad in the local paper looking for a drummer, I called and he let me try out and I got the get after the 1st choice was unable to do it.  I quit the basketball team and dedicated myself to learning to play the blues.  It was an amazing experience playing all those gigs all over with Mike, he never doubted that he would make it.  It gave me the belief that I could follow my own musical path too and be sucessful, I’ll always be greatful.

Bob and the  rest of the 2:30 band;brothers Fred and Sam Withrow are great people, class guys with a great sense of shared humor topped of with a lot of modesty.  They’ve always treated my amazingly and graciously guided me through some of my rockier times.  I was introduced to Bob by a mutal friend Rob Von Arx.  I called Bob out of the blue and we set up a session; I had recorded a bunch of drum tracks on my trusty 442 Tascam and set out for the basement.  We plugged it in, Bob went nuts on the keys and we’ ve been friends ever since.  I’m number 1 Bob fan, he’s a musical father to me a huge influence.

and last but not least Ando

Ande Shaul an  multi-intrumentalist, if you know him ya love him. i met Ande at BSU then later bumped into him at a rave. and asked him to play with MABLAB, he did and is an amazing band mate and player, so tasty.  Ande played guitar/bass/ sax with MAB LAB, and also was founding member of People vs Radio and New Year Revolution.  I excited especially for ande because this will be his first solo performance, plus he will be joined on a couple songs by Walleye Slim ( a rare public performance).  Can’t wait!

July 11th at Earth House doors at 7 pm  $7 suggested donation

Mike Milligan and Steam Shovel

The 2:30 Band

Ande Shaul w/ special guest Walleye Slim


One Response to “A Night of Blues,Jazz, and Rock July 11th at the Earth House”

  1. rumrick July 1, 2009 at 5:24 pm #

    Just got the call, I’ll be sitting on on drums for 2:30 band drummer Sam Withrow who can’t make the gig. bummer but Yeah for me! I can’t wait to throwdown with Bob and Fred.

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