July 11th was awesome- Mike Milligan/ 2:30 Band/Ande Shaul

13 Jul

July11th–the earth house
Many thanks to friends and family for coming out and supporting Saturday night. It was a great night with Dj dicky Fox and Pabasi spinning in the cafe, and java flowing freely. By the way the EH has the best cup of coffee in town and the prices are ridiculously cheap(french press rulez), I always have to get the falfel there too, damn good! Go chef Jinxie.
Ande Shaul put in a solid set of acoustic rock, I was really impressed with his instrumental numbers and his dedication to the late MJ.
The 2:30 band was doing there thing, although the drummer was a bit rusty. Percussionist Josh Strodtman was a highlight with his tasteful and powerful work on the african drums.
Mike Milligan closed out the show to a meager but attentive crowd, he really nailed it down on a nice arrangement of love and happiness by Al Green and threwdown a killing closer; Home to Kokomo off his first CD. It was complete with daft solo’s by his brother Shaun Milligan on bass and my man Tiny on the drums. Great stuff!


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