Audio Recon Welcomes Nomar Slevik

17 Jul


Artist, producer and audio engineer, Nomar Slevik has been one of the most active singer/rapper/song writers in the “Indieground” scene to date. Hailing from Southern Maine, he has not only impacted the hearts and minds of the New England scene, but has also charmed the western U.S., Canadian, and UK fan bases as well. With dynamic releases such as the wildly successful “Sasquatch: The Great Dying”, “The Tules – A Haunter’s Workshop” and the upcoming 7inch, “Welcome to Fuckland” nomar slevik stands to win the hearts of all head nodding, beat lovers everywhere. His influences range from Creedence Clearwater Revival to Ice-T, while his sound falls somewhere between the old school and avant garde. His combination of interesting sounds and unusual subject matter make for a unique experience that defies hip-hop convention. Slevik has been forging a creatively refreshing masterpiece of abstractions and thoughts with a legion of notable and equally eclectic peers and affiliates most notably jdwalker, Moshe, Mat Young, The Mole, DJ Mayonnaise (Anticon Records), Lord Grunge (of Grand Buffet), Bleubird, Brzowski and more. -taken from from

We are very pleased to announce that Nomar Slevik has chosen Audio Recon for digital distribution of his remastered re-released back catalog, which will include bonus tracks and fresh new artwork! Audio Recon will also handle some select new releases from him as well, so be on the look out! Welcome aboard Nomar!

familiarize yourself w/ Nomar Slevik here.


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