Weekly Leakage Podcast part2!

3 Aug
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We have for you today our 2nd weekly leakage podcast! It is now officially live @ the  iTunes store… simply search ‘audiorecon‘ (all one word) and you’ll see it. Click ‘subscribe‘ and you’ll get it zapped right down to your pc or mac and perhaps into your ipod for your mobile enjoyment every week.

For your podcasting pleasure as promised… We present to you our 2nd installment of the weekly Leakage podcast. This week we veer off in a whole different direction from last week as Id Obelus fuses some tripped out jazz and some what psychedelic numbers from the Audio Recon collective… a mind melting cure for your mundane monday.

Free Will Astrology – M.A.C.N. (from experimental  felony)

Spelunk in the Trunk – Walleye Slim (from the brown acid LP)

Laboratory – the Glitch Clique (from manifesto)

Satanic Art – Dreadnots (from robotic hands of god – voice of the last days)

the Tomb – Bob Wilson (from dinner music for the not so hungry)

Reconnaissance – E. Brown (from mind film vol. 2)


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