the Robotic Hands of God

6 Aug

The Robotic Hands of God: Voice of the Last Days.

The most recent release from Pittsburgh’s electro-prog/trip-hop scientists, The Dreadnots will be available for FREE to promote “good music for a bad economy”. This effort, in a digital age where consumer logic is to not pay for what they can get for free, is to counter the major blow dealt to the independent music industry. “The Robotic Hands of God”, is an expedition into the concepts of the final days, good and evil, and god’s identity crisis. The album unites sound samples from extreme evangelical christians and practicing initiates of the occult while placing the listener somewhere in the midst of a battle raging between god and satan; who ultimately must be the same being.

Featured throughout the recording is a narrative by Brother Staire of the Over-Comer ministries based in a South Carolina compound similar to that of the branch dividians. This man claims to be the last day prophet of god…the next best thing to having god on the album. To counter the extreme intensity of this man are segments of Anton Levay, Tex Marrs, Freeman, and a grimoire of subliminal messages throughout the recording. Also within are audio diaries from schizophrenic in patients with multiple personalities.

The music is a seemless blend of live instrumentation such as vintage synths, percussion, bass pads, and sample-based rhythms. The majority of these samples are from obscure european prog rock albums from the 60’s and 70’s to pay tribute to the style the album is fashioned after. The album is recorded and mixed on pirated software that is the same used in today’s state of the art studio’s. Other equipment features vintage samplers such as the sp-1200, mpc2000xl, sp202, tape echo, and much more digital equipment of today’s electronic age.

The Dreadnots continue to make real music by real people, bringing music out of the suites and back into the streets. The Robotic Hands of God: Voice of the Last Days breaks the mold of todays beat oriented scene. No longer just an MC spewing their ideals and self-adoration over a beat they did not make. This record is the work of one member (Jeremy Coleman aka Rex Oblio) of The Dreadnots and is his 3rd solo effort.

Stay tuned… this release will be available for FREE real soon!!!


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