LayFlats Update

17 Aug


Random Art Projects will no longer be playing the Audio Recon Showcase @ this year’s LayFlats Art and Music Fest.

Our line-up will now be as follows:

Id Obelus – hip hop / off kilter wordsmith. A bastard outsider step child of the Lafayette indy music scene and this event. Id performed @ the 1st two layflats fests… triumphantly he returns for a third! 

Twin Monster -Pattern Hungry Records’ famed experimental hip hop trio consisting of Yeti-One, Lorax, and Ligyro. Twin Monster has performed all over Indianapolis gaining a local cult following of their innovative sound as well as positive press and airplay on x103.

July of the Tiger -newly formed psych/prog rock outfit consisting of Eric Johnson (Brazil/Saaba Banks),  Philip Williams (Brazil, Johnny Socko, Pravada) and E. Brown (MAB LAB, Glitch Clique, M.A.C.N)

MAB LAB -returning to the stage after over a year long hiatus. This Indianapolis based trip-hop band formed in 1999. The group was founded by Kate Lamont Newbold (vocals & organ), Eric Brown (drum kit), & Mike Graves (vocals,turntables, beats). Soon after they were joined by Ande Shaul (bass, guitar & sax). They quickly became one of most respected and loved groups in Indiana. Mab Lab shows have always been a very diverse affair full of artists and musicians from all over the spectrum.The Lab has played consistently throughout the midwest and east coast. And as far west as San francisco. All along the way they garnered critical praise from the likes of Vernon Reid, DJ Logic, Peter Collins, and Tom Terrell. They have released 3 independent records. The group went on a hiatus in the fall of 2004 but returned in 2006 only to make select rare appearances over a 2 year span. Prepare yourself for the revitalized mabness!

Andy D -Bloomington’s one man show of amazing high energy raps and super sexy dance moves. If you don’t know by now…. you ought to. Andy D = awesome! A proven party favorite you do not want to miss!


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