spring fwd

25 Mar

Lot’s of good stuff is on the rise here @ Audio Recon. We’re excited to be entering the spring season and just like in nature, our artists / partners have tons of stuff blossoming! here’s the scoop:

  • Kate Lamont’s new release, After the Traffic is available now! Come celebrate the release with us this Saturday @ the Earth House and get your hands on a limited edition physical copy.
  • -check out our new storefront @ people’s music store
  • Encourage and invite your facebook people to become friends/fans of Audio Recon. It only takes a minute to send an invite/suggestion. por favor! Audio Recon Facebook Page
  • For those who tweet… follow us on Twitter
  • tune into our youtube channel
We will be dropping our first official compilation album,  Audio Recon presents: The Courage to be an Absolute Nobody (an Ode to J.D. Salinger). We will be celebrating this with a limited edition run of CDs with art by Yeti-One. 
MAY 4th
New label partner Invisible Inc. multimedia presents 2 new releases:
Stone Messiah – Amerikan Idol
A Man Called Relik – N.P.R.
May 11th
New Audio Recon releases:
Sarah Grain – Terrain
TJ Reynolds – Sugar on the Tongue
MAB LAB – New Year Revolution
wormusic presents:
Richard Cook – Agnostic Vegan hip-hop
and new Audio Recon releases:
The Algabraists

One Response to “spring fwd”

  1. Jeremy March 26, 2010 at 3:34 pm #

    Thanks for the info on this post. Interesting links. I’m going to attend one of the drum workshops at the earth place.

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