New podcast from the Dreadnots’ vault

6 Jun
loneliness the astronaut – the atman project (2003 dreadnots)
LTA: is a low-fi experiment in home studio recorded hip-hop of 2003.  Subtitled “The Atman Project” Loneliness the Astronaut is a deep exploration into the collective inner-space in search of the atman.  Mainly composed of chaotic noise collages that find order and structure in beats and poetry that soon dissolve back into the auditory clouds of matter they were formed from.  The recording simulates the great cycles of existence in birth and death, construction and destruction, structure and chaos.  No songs are titled, they all appear as transmissions intercepted in deep space along the journey to a distant home long forgotten.  Pulled from the dustiest of archives Audio Recon resurrects this body of work from it’s obscurity for fresh ears in a new decade. 
Loneliness the Astronaut from the Dreadnots class of 2003.

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