Veteran MC’s WhoisLouis and Id Obelus graciously unleash these amazing free releases

Id Obelus – the Jabberbox

Self proclaimed rap nerd, Id Obelus returns with his 6th official
release. A hodge podge homage to the art of collage rap co-released by wormusic. Id
takes us on a lyrical journey with his whirlwind flow of bizarre
thoughts, toilet humor, bragadoccio, and such. Executive Producer, Richard Cook assists in piecing together and
adding multiple moments of genius to this collection of seemless

the Jabberbox features an all star cast of m.c.’s, producers, dj’s,
and everyday good people who assist Id Obelus in creating a mixtape
style album of raw rap music unlike you’ve ever heard.

(feat. DJ Bizkid, Ace Ha, Selfhelp, Nomar Slevik, A.C.E.O.N.E.,
N-AFEK, Richard Cook, and many more)


WhoisLouis – Freelease (Prod. by Defame)

The Freelease exposes a side of music that might have otherwise been
lost in the minds of these artists like other fleeting thoughts. Whois
Louis and Defame hit us with a creative burst. Four tracks inspired by
music that encourages listeners to step out of their comfort zone…
In this case, it’s a break from the atypical “kick, snare” hip hop.
Defame’s powerful musical backdrops give WhoisLouis the perfect canvas
to express his personal struggles with maintaining a balance between
his duties as a family man and a fresh emcee. (feat. guest appearances
by Freeze and Eratic)

look out for “SeldomScene”. WhoisLouis’ upcoming self produced solo


download Defame’s Gorillaphant HERE


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