Serengeti to Headline Audio Recon Showcase @ BRMF

16 Sep

Serengeti is a multidimensional artist that utilizes his eclectic versatility to create unconventional, political music deeply rooted in Hip Hop culture. The use of the title Serengeti is an artistic symbol of his conceptions, forged to mirror the dense lakes and jungles of the African landscape from which his name and lineage is derived. The Chicago-born talent makes music to invoke emotion and promote change, citing racial disharmony, political ostracism and personal conflict as inspiration.

Serengeti’s atypical childhood involved partaking in public protests at the tender age of five, under the tutelage of his politically active mother. Young Serengeti was often shuttled between his mother’s impoverished urban community and his father’s suburban paradise, leading him to uncover two contrasting worlds and the racial, economic and political ties that separated them. Over time, Serengeti learned to embrace his cultural diversity and celebrate its varying influences through the universal language of music. As a result, rock instruments have been merged with Hip Hop elements, creating a seamless sound drenched in passion and articulate rebellion.

Performing with unbridled energy, Serengeti feels compelled to create. Aiming to exhibit the unique intellect and preeminent talent of the oppressed, he sees himself as more than an artist. He is the physical embodiment of a misunderstood generation struggling for a voice.

Serengeti has a very diverse and extensive catalog available on the Anticon, Audio8, Breakfast, and Bonafyde record labels.

We’re so excited and honored to add Serengeti to the already amazing line-up we have in store for Broad Ripple Music Fest. Now please, do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with this man!

here… we’ve mined the interweb to get you started:

Come see Serengeti, TJ Reynolds, Twilight Sentinels, S.a.i.n.t. Recon, Id Obelus, Whois Louis and Eratic, Lorax, Merc Versus, and wormusic throwdown @ Local’s Only Art & Music Pub on October 16th as part of an epic Audio Recon showcase for the 4th annual Broad Ripple Music Fest.

Please help us to spread the word!
(hash tag your tweets like so #BRMF)


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