MC’s, get down on that “istic sound”! courtesy of wormusic


Calling all rappers, mc’s, poets, and wordsmith’s sisters. Gather your best bars and report to Dick Chef’s kitchen!


This link will take you to 3 beats that Richard Cook of wormusic has posted.  Download those beats… choose the one you’re feeling most…  contact Richard Cook (visit and click the CONTACT button @ the top right of the page) to check the availability of the beat you fancy… Drop a mean 16…   send your a’cappella to Richard Cook.

Dick’s disclaimer: “These beats are unmixed and taste rough but they’ll be fully mastered with the vocals in place.  The dopest cuts will be featured on the 2010 wormusic/Audio Recon release called – “ISTIC SOUND”.  The only requirement is that you contact me (Richard Cook) before dropping to make sure the beat’s still open. There will be more beats posted shortly so stay tuned!”  0+<


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