RECON wednesdays

Our wednesday concert series RECON continues every wednesday at LOCALS ONLY music and art pub.  So far we have had some amazing shows since we kicked off the event in late August.  Here’s a list of performers we’ve had so far.

Lorax, Ligyro, Mic Sol & Ace ONE, Proforms,echomaker, DJ Kyle Long, Bashiri Asad, Brad Real, Sleeper Cell, Dirty Napz, Nightriders,Hinx Jones, Scoot Dubs, DJ Deadrisk, DJ Spoolz, Bob Wilson/EB/Dicky Fox improv group, Eratic, and Mike Milligan and Steam Shovel, Futue Five & Stone. Cornileus. 

WOW!!!!!!  That’s some talent right there.  Hopefully some people will start recognizing the talent we have in the city and start supporting these artists more.

We have some good shows coming up.  Please come out and see one!


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