from Rusty Redenbacher’s Tumblr:

My friends, I didn’t even realize I was gonna do this tonight, but I had all these tracks I have jacked laying about and thought I would compile them into one place for you to enjoy and critique (that’s what we hip-hoppers do, yo. I seent it.)

For those that haven’t really heard me rap, cool. Here’s some relatively easy listening for you, as I have taken some favorites and reworked them for my own devices. For those that are aware of my work, here’s something to thank you for all the support over the years. I really do appreciate all of you. Every day, you all make me wanna try harder and do more, so whether you now it or not, a lotta you inspire me.

I coulda just put all my little joints in a zip and said, “Here…”, but it’s just not my way. ‘Wheelworks 7-9’ ended up taking a good portion of the night to conceptualize and piece together. The whole thing is cut-and-paste, except for the beds, which were mixed live on two turntables. All the vocals samples and stuff were pieced in tonight with Garageband. I didn’t think I would end up doing all that…but I like how it turned out…every time I do one of these little projects I learn a bit more about how to produce on Garageband…and the joint gets more involved. 

Naptown’s gotta lot to say. I am but one voice. There’s a lotta talented MC’s, DJ’s, producers, and musicians in the city I call ‘home’. I’m proud to scream it out and if I have to, give it away to let people know that it’s time for a larger national audience to take notice of what we do here. 

Let me quit preaching so you can see this playlist and get to downloading. 

Just click the cover image or the title below and you should be getting your free download. 


1) Icarus Takes Flight

2) All About The Benjamins (Rusty’s Recession Rewrite)

3) Rusty’s Runaway

4) Building My Future

5) Simon Says (featuring Mr. Kinetik)

6) Swag Surfin’ (featuring Mr. Kinetik)

7) Wheelworks 7-9

8) There (from ‘Lazarus’, full album available online 12/11/10, wherever you buy digital music.)


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