Batting Practice for MC’s

7 Dec

The art of freestyling is something to be appreciated. Whether competitively in mc battles or just for fun , all mc’s should freestyle a bit to develop their skill and confidence on the mic. Freestyling isn’t every mc’s strong suit though. It’s something that takes practice, quick wit, and imagination to get good at.

Ace Ha (the producer responsible for Id Obelus’  “I Love Rap” and formerly of the group “Maddwest” ) has created the perfect platform for mc’s to hone their improv skills.

Ever heard an mc rhyme ‘off the top’ while an audience shouts random words for subject matter? “Batting Practice” is just that, except pictures are thrown at you (the mc) for subject matter. Ace put together 50 (and counting) of these slide shows set to his beats and posted them on youtube for  mc’s to catch wreck to.

Check out THE “ORIGINAL” BATTING PRACTICE and get your freestyle on!


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