New Pattern Hungry Releases Available Today

7 Dec

Our partners @ Pattern Hungry Records have released 4 new albums today. We’d like to welcome these new artists to our digital roster and encourage you to check out the music and if you like, purchase the albums wherever you buy digital downloads.

Dietrick Klooster – Ask Me How I Struggle

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Beginning his recording career with Pattern-Hungry in 2006, Dietrick first appeared on the second Pattern-Hungry compilation, “The Next Generation” and was later featured on 2nd guitar for Coinslot’s “Sugar & Caffeine”.

Now in his debut release, “Ask Me How I Struggle”, you’ll hear trombones, guitars, foot stomps and beat box, handclaps, synths, and songs to tie it all together.

A multi-instrumentalist and producer in his own right, Klooster creates entire soundscapes straight from his musical mind.

Jenny Is A Boy – Is It A Shame?

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Coming up in the punk scene of Bloomington, Indiana, Jenny is a Boy has been part of the DIY tradition since the beginning, recording lo-fi bedroom ep’s, releasing albums and splits on local labels, and touring extensively.

Here in their first full-length, “Is it a Shame?”, founding songwriter Adam Coppess brought in a band and production team to capture both the feeling of having fun in your kitchen with your friends (where most of the album was tracked) and the pristine quality of a studio recording.

Tinyfolk – Black Bears

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Hailing from Evansville, Indiana before relocating to Bloomington, Tinyfolk, the mostly solo project of folk songwriter Russ Woods, began with hunting for instruments at thrift stores. Once he came upon a baritone Ukulele, the sound was set and he has been churning out material ever since.

In his first full-length on Pattern-Hungry, Black Bears, Tinyfolk enlists the help of producer Jim Laczkowski to create this cohesive collection of new songs, complete with handmade cover and hand drawn disc from local artists.

A Paper Cup Band – Sitting Shotgun to a Statue

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Minneapolis’ A Paper Cup Band began in a barn in rural Wisconsin, a story quite familiar, I’m sure, for the local folk musicians. What’s not as familiar is that they took it town, kept their folk roots while pushing into rock, pop and hip-hop, toured from coast to coast, and put out two full length albums.

Here in their third, “Sitting Shotgun to a Statue”, the trio has put together a fully realized collection of songs, recorded with all analog gear.

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One Response to “New Pattern Hungry Releases Available Today”

  1. Raymond Garrison December 8, 2010 at 2:38 pm #

    That Tinyfolk record is really really good. Freak Folk fans will enjoy it greatly

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