Mike Milligan and Steam Shovel’s Lucky Man

12 Jan

Recorded Sept and Oct 2010 in Mike’s house and Woodhenge Studio.

“If this house could talk!!! Its been home to several musicians since the 1890’s. A lady lived here in the 40s’/50’s. Her father worked at Continental Steel and played standup bass in many swing bands. She told me her father kept his gear and rehearsed in the parlor room where the drums where recorded for LUCKY MAN cd, (from where im writing this now!)…. My parents, brother and i moved in during the summer of 1976. While i was growing up, my dad’s bands used to rehearse in the basement, before the studio was built. Before that, he used to rehearse in the parlor room! Marshall 8×10 cabs and all! In highschool, after the studio was built, my bands rehearsed in the basement. In Oct 2006, my parents decided to move to the country. It now belongs to me and my family. Its funny to be sleeping in my old childhood bedroom! It sure felt natural to be playing so loudly in the house! I could just hear the house…”Oh no! NOt this again!”…..

Feels like home to me!”

 Includes guest appearances by Maceo Milligan, Bart Walker, “South Side” Stevie Berek, Kevin Flanagan and the soulful powerful Smokestack Horns!

 the new album “Lucky Man” from Indiana blues masters, Mike Milligan and Steam Shovel is now available for digital download as a featured advance release only @ emusic.com.

 Includes the new original tunes:

Lucky Man
Sunshine Today
Meat & Three
Fool No More
I’m Not Lost
The Bridge

…and soulful remakes of some of Mike’s favs:

Stevie Wonder’s   “A Place in the Sun”
Dan Penn’s   “Dark End of the Street”
Billy Preston’s  “Will It Go Round in Circles?”
Ray Charles’  “Busted”


you can still get  hard copies HERE as well.

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