5 Aug

preview of “ONE CYCLE” a new work by e. Brown /glitch clique

August 10-12, 2011

AUGUST 10th at Service Center
3919 Lafayette Rd / Indianapolis, IN 46254
7PM – $5 – All Ages
music by…
– Nathan Monk (http://nathanmonkart.com/)
– the glitch clique (http://www.myspace.com/theglitchclique)
– dREKKa (http://drekka.bandcamp.com/)
– Melt-Face (http://soundcloud.com/melt-face)

AUGUST 11th at Indianapolis Museum of Art
4000 North Michigan Road / Indianapolis, IN 46208
7PM – $12 – All Ages
music by…
– Son Lux (http://music.sonluxmusic.com/)
– Helado Negro (http://heladonegro.bandcamp.com/)

AUGUST 12th at Service Center
3919 Lafayette Rd / Indianapolis, IN 46254
7PM – $5 – All Ages
music by…
– Jordan Munson (http://www.myspace.com/jordanmunsonmusic – sound and visuals)
– Matt Davignon (http://www.ribosomemusic.com/)
– shedding (http://www.shedding.org/)
– Kristin Miltner (http://soundcloud.com/kristin-miltner)
– DMA (http://www.joyfulnoiserecordings.com/artists/dma)

Plus new video work by…
Gala Bent
Zack Bent
Lynn Cazabon
Austin Dixon
Jonathan Dueck
Nadia Hironaka & Matthew Suib
Ryan Irvin
Roberto Lange
Mike Szegedi
Lauren Zoll

OUTSOUND V.1 is the first in what is to become a yearly experimental
music and video festival. This year’s focus is electronics and
abstraction, featuring both local and out-of-town artists. The
festival is a unique collaboration of programming between the
Indianapolis Museum of Art and Big Car’s newly opened Service Center
in Lafayette Square.

Musically the festival runs the gamut from orchestrally-infused
glitch-hop, to Latin abstract-expressionism, to ambient and video game
influenced electronics, and to digital blast crunk. Visually, the
videos primarily discard narrative for aesthetic exploration and when
exploring narrative tend to focus on themes of space and displacement.
And all of it with a healthy dose of color, strangeness and good
times. It is like very unlike any other festival ever hosted here in
Indianapolis or elsewhere for that matter and is sure to be an
challenging, inspiring and rewarding experience.



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