photo by Grey Granite

Is it possible to write a bio for your own music and not sound pretentious?
Here are the facts : I used to play guitar in a few incarnations of the same band I started when I was 17. We had a good run.  We did a couple DIY tours and released 2 albums.  I got bored with the band.  I had been making beats since around 2002 and this seemed to be getting more and more of my attention.  I quit the band. I then went into beat-making beast mode. I adopted the moniker DEFAME. I hung out with Gorillaphants. I ruled my domain. I met inspiring artists from Indianapolis that gave me encouragement that I had made the right decision. I have collaborated with some great artists from the Naptown area. I am extremely proud of the city I live in.  I am proud of the city that raised me. I aim to be versatile in my productions. If you don’t like what I do its ok.  I do it for me and don’t plan on stopping.

What a crock of shit, right? Just listen to the music. Its better at describing itself than I am.


Check out these releases produced by Defame  Follow him on Twitter @defame1982 and check out the Defame bandcamp page for even more music


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