Psychedelic Hip Hop – Pittsburgh, PA

The Dreadnots are a sample-based beat and vocal driven outfit that apply experimentation heavily in their sounds. This is outsider music for the inside of yr head.

Jeremy Coleman aka Oblio and Eric Yeske are the 2 mainstay members of the group while their talented circle of friends from the burgh (Chris Coleman, Davidjosephkaminski, + more) occassionally drop in to lend a helping hand in the creative process.

Fans of of leftfield hip hop, 60’s Psychedlia, and experimental music of all sorts should appreciate the unique sounds that these guys are meticulously piecing together.


money machine

Dreadnots - Money Machine Music

Dreadnots - HID

Dreadnots - Hipster in Distress (Joins the Cool Cult)

Dreadnots - the Giant Trips

Dreadnots - the Giant Trips


Robotic Hands of God: Voice of the Last Days (FREE DOWNLOAD)








more Dreadnots @




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