e. Brown


Experimental – Indianapolis, IN

Eric Brown  plays the drums and accompanies those with an array of custom sounds, samples, cassette snippets, guitar and found instruments.  An avid audiophille who enjoys the writings of  Cage, Dahl, and Bukowski; he’s also a voracious reader who loves the sound recordings of many, if not all of the world’s musical masters.

The great composer  Bob Wilson once said—“his music is better than it sounds”

BAnds: Echomaker/ MAB LAB/Mike Milligan and Steam Shovel /F.U.R/Pub Sigs/Hell’s Booty/M.A.C.N/glitch clique/July of the Tiger

Performed or Recorded with  Ligyro/Emily Wells/Bob Wilson/Motif/Kation Slusher/Whois Louis/Rhymefest/Brett Donovan/Mike Farmer/Echinacea/Blackberry Jam/Keni Washington

Co-Produced , Recorded  or Mixed/Mastered for Echomaker/Whois Louis/Twilight Sentinels/Emily Wells/Mab LAb/MACN/People vs Radio/Id Obelus


e. Brown - mind film volume 1

e. Brown – mind film vol. 1

e. Brown - mind film vol. 2

e. Brown – mind film vol. 2

New album “Yesterday is a Backwards Hero” coming 2012



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