Whois Louis

 Hip Hop – Franklin, IN

Jason Mann is the birth name of a father/ Hip Hop M.C. / producer/ engineer also known as Whois Louis. Born alongside his twin brother Ryan on the 4th day of June signifies a true Gemini.(If you believe in that starship bizzare shit). He resides in Franklin, IN with his two baby girls and a wonderful woman who tolerates his shit!  He is a virtuoso of both beats and rhymes.  A former mainstay amongst Indianapolis m.c. battle circuits, along with his former crew ULH “Unlevelheaded Emcees” members including (Freeze, Tripp, BruceIllis, DJ Gusto and DJ Optimo) Whois Louis has paid his dues and then some. While performing with his crew he had the privilege to share the stage with Hip Hop mainstays DeLaSoul, Hieroglyphics, Non Phixion, O.C., and Cunninlynguists. Also rocking central Indiana hip hop shows alongside every dope m.c. and group from Naptown and beyond. His production skills are also fine tuned and have earned him high ranks in multiple beat battles including runner up @ the Scribble Jam prelims in 2008. Aside from producing and recording his own songs, Mann has made beats for many of Indianapolis’ finest M.C.’s such as Freeze, Istari “TwinMonster” plus some, Son of Thought, MicSol, ACEONE, Rusty Redenbacher of the Mudkids, Concrete Beats Artists; Seany D and Radamez,  as well as Indie Hip Hop legend, C-Rayz Walz.

To Say Jason Mann pours his heart into his music would be an understatement. Not afraid to show his flaws and embrace them as yours Jason is the type of artist who deals with his personal issues on record as if it’s his therapy.  In doing so, we are invited into his personal life… all the hurt, the sorrow, the love, and the madness. The way he expresses raw human emotions in his music is genius and everyone should be able to relate to him on some sort of level. Jason is the kind of artist  that truly “keeps it real”.  The first introduction to Mann’s mind was Rough Cuts, Scrapes, and Abrasions.  The second and most recent reintroduction is, Mannick Sentiment. Both albums are highly recommended for those who are seeking real life music pertaining to real life people.  Welcome to the Mind of a Psycho Babblist. 


Whois Louis - Rough Cuts, Scrapes and Abrasions

Whois Louis - Rough Cuts, Scrapes and Abrasions

Jason Mann - Mannick Sentiment

Jason Mann - Mannick Sentiment

WhoisLouis - the Freelease (prod. by Defame)

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