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more Kaleidoscope tapes

30 Apr

kaleidoscope tape red

pre-order serengeti’s kaleidoscope on limited edition red cassette


Kaleidoscope Tape

1 Apr

2nd limited edition pressing of Serengeti’s Kaleidoscope tape produced by Rob Kleiner coming soon…

Cicada Shells making noise

18 Mar

Your favorite Indianapolis left-field hip hop duo, Cicada Shells just released their latest album ‘Forest Noise’! It’s now up for purchase through their bandcamp page HERE. Available in limited edition clear cassette tape and digital formats, it comes w/ a bonus track featuring Ace One and cassette rips as well. You can also find the album on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, etc.  (pretty much everywhere digi-tunes are sold). Here’s a nice lil’ write up @ Damn That Noise as well. Don’t sleep!



Mannick Sentiment Re-release

18 Feb


Back in 2009 we released Jason Mann aka Whois Louis’ EP, Mannick Sentiment. This is arguably his magnum opus and easily the most personally revealing piece of work in his discography. This album is an ode to the challenges that so many artists go through while trying to balance work, family, and the craft that they love. Audio Recon is proud to re-release this emotionally moving EP both digitally in stereo and on extremely limited edition handcrafted 10″ lathe record in mono (courtesy of Lost Cult, Obelus Objects, and White Noise Vinyl). 100% of all proceeds go directly to Jason Mann and his family. Jason has been battling a rare form of cancer called chordoma since early 2012.

if you just want to show love, you can donate directly to Jason’s paypal here:

Per Ardua Stabilis

Hoosier Apex

6 Feb

Ace Ha, Branimal, Id Obelus, and Richard Cook have teamed up to fulfill the prophecy…

Music from a Parallel Dimension

10 Jul

Now available exclusively HERE (available @ iTunes/Amazon/Google Play, etc. real soon)

In the third full-length installment of “The Robotic Hands of God” series, “Music from a Parallel Dimension”, the Dreadnots explore a new frontier in their repertoire of electronic, sample-based music. However, this time, the only sampled sounds are the percussive notes, as all other sounds are generated by analog synths, composed and played live over each of the 8 tracks of progressive music. Inspired by the works of Klaus Schulze , Bruce Haack, and the transforming sounds of 60s & 70s era prog-rock, “Music from a Parallel Dimension” plays like the sound track to a sci-fi film, full of strange and curious psychedelia.
Powerful and dynamic, the drum programming on this effort penetrates through the environment and drives the massive sounds of this extraordinary piece of music, segmented into 8 movements. The dense auditory environment created by the warm analog sounds of the vintage synths, is heady and vastly full of imagination and fantastic landscapes of sound. Presented for your listening pleasure by Audio Reconnaissance and Dreadnots Music, this solo effort stands apart from the previous releases, as the narrative is left up to the listener to create. Straying away from the usual vocal samples that tell the story of the record, this recording is without them for the first time in this series.
“Music from a Parallel Dimension” is a rhythmic signal in space, waiting to be received on your stereo and enjoyed by its audience. Let this full-length album take you places, in your own dimension. Play it loud, and enjoy the psychedelic sounds of “The Robotic Hands of God: Music from a Parallel Dimension”

8 Tracks/ Run time: 41 minutes

“While earlier installments of Dreadnots’ Robotic Hands of God series could serve as the soundtrack to the End of Days, this is the record you’ll want when you discover that Jesus was an alien and the afterlife involves chillin’ in the non-metaphorical cosmos for all eternity.”

— Margaret Welsh (Pittsburgh City Paper)

istic sound 1.1

15 Dec

our buddies at wormusic just blessed us with this EP of one-offs from 2011 all of which were produced by Richard Cook… Download it… It’s FREE Hip Hop!