Id Obelus

Id Obelus - the Jabberbox (2010 wormusic)

released 08 September 2010

1. This is Intro
2. I Love Rap (beat: Ace Ha cuts: DJ Bizkid mix: Nomar Slevik)
3. You Know My Style ft. N-Afek (beat/mix: Richard Cook)
[don’t be hatin’ on burgatime]
4. Just Like Rick Sr. (beat: Oblio mix: Nomar Slevik)
5. the Powers of Observation (beat/mix: Nomar Slevik)
6. G’z-n-Geekz (beat: Baddd Spellah mix: Nomar Slevik)
7. Gosh Dern Kids (beat: ace ha mix: Nomar Slevik)
8. My Raps are Raw ft. Richard Cook
[branimal break]
9. 17,000 Songs (beat/mix: Nomar Slevik)
10. Let Loose (Dork Inc.) ft. Richard Cook (beat/mix: Richard Cook)
11. Like Ugh (beat/mix: Nomar Slevik)
12. Get Faced Like Back In The Days ft. Branimal (beat/mix: Nomar Slevik)
13. Huh Who? ft. Selfhelp, Nomar Slevik, A.C.E.O.N.E. (beat/mix: Richard Cook)
[willie nelson vs. a.c.e.o.n.e.]
14. This is Energy (beat: Ace Ha mix: Nomar Slevik / Ashleigh)

-shhh hidden track. (beat/mix: e. Brown more mix: Richard Cook)

Id Obelus rapped
Others rapped where mentioned
Richard Cook executive produced and mixed
Nomar Slevik mastered and mixed some

these guys appeared:
WhoisLouis, Ivan Ives, Ace Ha, Branimal, Th’Mole, Merc Versus, John Book, Hex, DJ Bizkid, Nomar Slevik, Burgatime, Matt Milo, Richard Cook, N-Afek, Baddd Spellah, A.C.E.O.N.E., Tommy Gun, Elypsis, Selfhelp, Shamgrammar, E. Brown, Yeti-One

2010 Audio Reconnaissance / wormusic 

Id Obelus - Freemixes '09

Freemixes ’09 features remixes by Nomar Slevik, Joe Harvey, Random Art Projects, Richard Cook, and more. Executive Produced by E. Brown DOWNLOAD
Id Obelus & DJ Bizkid – the Fully Automatic Mixtape

Fully Automatic was a rare cdr release that Id Obelus was handing out @ shows in 2007 before the release of his magnum opus, “Flyourfavorite”. He met German DJ, DJ Bizkid online and asked him to give the EP a proper “mixtape style” facelift for the now defunct SIQ Records siqtorrents site. The album was also distributed as a limited edition cdr from DJ Bizkid himself and was available at a few random online vendors.
released 08 August 2008
1. Establish the Kingdom (samples by Id Obelus)
2. False Hope (music by Darwins Finch)
3. Smash your Television (music by Darwins Finch)
“verse 1st appeared on ‘clango’ from babel fishh’s ‘exit lever’ lp”
4. No Concept vs. (music and additional vocals by Tae Sun)
5. Through the Clouds (music by e9ine) “also appears on T.Y.T.’s ‘New Liver New Life’ compilation”
6. Blanket (music by Darwins Finch, additional vocals by B. Moses)
7. What’s my Damage? vs. (music by Earl Hienz Ketchup, additional vocals by Pete McSly) “also appeared on Paid Jah’s ‘cool as shit v.2.0”
8. Raygunobelus (music by Nomar Slevik, additional vocals by Brzowski and Nomar Slevik) “also appeared on Brzowski’s ‘Blooddrive Vol. 1’ and Nomar Slevik’s ‘the Reinvention of Silence'”
9. the Surgical Removal of a Tumor with Tongs (music by Id Obelus and Brad Baker [guitar] “excerpt of ‘a poor tune a.d.’ from Id Obelus’ ‘2 Bit Fugue’ lp”
10. Same Difference (music and additional vocals by Sham Grammar)
11. Ivan the Acid Eating Scuba Diver (Live @ Big As Barn studio – Royal Center, IN music by Nomar Slevik, vocal effects by Jamie Rouch) “refined version appears on Id Obelus’ ‘Flyourfavorite’ lp”
12. 1991 1987 (music by Smirk, additional vocals by Oblio) “also appears on Id Obelus’ ‘Flyourfavorite’ lp”

all vocals by Id Obelus (except noted additional vocals)
all cuts by DJ Bizkid

Id Obelus

DJ Bizkid

“Fully Automatic” text style by Sake
cover art by Efalive “of the Jazoburbs”



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