Jookabox - Dead Zone RMXS (asthmatic Kitty Records)

Dead Zone RMXS
Cover art by Jonathan Dueck
Catalog: AKR316

Download entire zip (87mb) here.

Asthmatic Kitty Records and Audio Recon have teamed up to present a collection of remixes celebrating the release of Jookabox’s Dead Zone Boys.  David “Moose” Adamson’s infectious rhythmic style inspired the label to get geographic and see what type of response Dead Zone Boys would draw from some of its top artists in the midwest as well as opposite ends of the country.  This free EP contains 10 remixes by midwestern artists Amtrak, Id Obelus, Yeti One, Ligyro, DJ Solly, Whois Louis, Ablerock as well as Brad Dujmovic from LA and Nomar Slevik, based in Freeport, ME.

Amtrak’s dubstep version of “Phantom Don’t Go” gives the song’s playful vocal tracks a swirling wave of synth to swim through while an atmospheric dub beat flows underneath.  Indianapolis’ own Yeti-One of Twin Monster gives “Don’t Go Phantom” a smooth and jazzy backbeat, spooky brass chorus and a free styled hip hop verse of his own.  LA Artist/Producer, Brad Dujmovic recorded his own full band version of “Phantom Don’t Go”, complete with hard rock riffs, classical guitar, grand piano and an epic guitar solo.

Audio Recon is a national digital distribution company and record label that works with other labels and artists from across the country.


Ligyro owns Pattern Hungry Records which is distributed by Audio Recon.
Brad Dujmovic is a producer/musician based in LA who founded/played in Invitro as well as recorded and produced their debut album. He is currently working with various LA bands and doing commercial engineering work.
Nomar Slevik is one of underground hip-hop most prolific producers, MC, and audio engineers.
Amtrak is from Kentucky  he’s played forcastle festival in 2009 and is playing the half way to forecastle fest show this saturday in KY with Kid Sister.  His newest Album Dirty Dancing is blowing up dance floors across the midwest.
Yeti-One is a member of Red bus and Twin Monster, his debut solo album will drop this spring on Audio Recon.
Id Obelus is a prolific MC from Star City Indiana and the VP of A&R for Audio Recon.  His 6th album, the Jabberbox is available now.
Whois Louis is a father of two and former mainstay amongst Indianapolis m.c. battle circuits, and has shared the stage with DeLaSoul, Hieroglyphics, and Non Phixion.

DJ Solly spent his formative years spinning in the suburbs of St. Louis. Solly has developed his personal style across a span of new music and has shared the stage with Dead Prez, Diplo and Lupe Fiasco just to name a few.

Ablerock is a designer and sonic hermit who enjoys a good ampersand.

1. Phantom Don’t Go (Ligyro Remix)
2. Don’t go Phantom (Amtrak Remix)
3. Zombie Tear Drops (Nomar Slevik / Id Obelus Remix)
4. Phantom Don’t Go (Brad Dujmovic Remix)
5. East Side Bangs (Ablerock Remix)
6. Don’t Go Phantom (Yeti-One Remix)
7. Zombie Tear Drops (Ligyro Remix)

8. Don’t Go Phantom (Ligyro Remix)

9. Don’t Go Phantom (Whois Louis Dub Mix)
10. Phantom Don’t Go (Solly Remix)

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