Serengeti-Kaleidoscope Limited Edition Cassette

17 Oct

We are proud to be releasing the new Serengeti album “Kaleidoscope” exclusively on Audio Recon. Bounce over to this link and Pre-Order it now.

Ships on November 15th.
This is a  limited run of 100 tapes.




Shells In The Air (Mix)

17 Oct

Get your Shells in the Air!!


Here is a 20min continuous mix put together by Defame that includes old, new, random, and unreleased Cicada Shells tracks. Full length release coming your way soon!

Throw ya shells in the air.

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Hoosier Apex

6 Feb

Ace Ha, Branimal, Id Obelus, and Richard Cook have teamed up to fulfill the prophecy…

Narcoleptic Shark Releases “Storyboards”.

20 Apr

Lorax !! We’ve been waiting for this one and are darn glad to hear it.

Echomaker-The ReKamOHce LP

22 Aug


Get your limited edition CD Aug 31st at the White Rabbit Cabaret as echomaker celebrates the release of The ReKamOHce LP and performs along with Defame, Hinx Jones, DJ Topseed and The Proforms.



Serengeti Kenny Dennis LP release party

18 Jun

Rusty Redenbacher ‘LOWER’ CD Release Show w/ Echomaker

12 Mar

Rusty Redenbacher ‘LOWER’ CD Release Show w/ Echomaker.