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8 Dec

This is good stuff, love these guys!


dYING BREED summer 2011

7 Jan

Richard Cook and N-Afek form the dynamic duo, dYING BREED. Lookout for their 2nd release / 1st world wide digital  release this summer via wormusic.

visit wormusic.com

0+< wormusic 2011

1 Jan

This year www.wormusic.com is proud to be releasing the following projects:
Istic Sound 1.0 – Free download of all the wormusic that never made any project in 2011 as well as some dope singles from the dopest mc’s in England. wormusic worlwide!!! AVAILABLE NOW!

CREATURES OF HABIT– Id Obelus and Richard Cook have teamed up to put the F-U back in fun hip hop.  Gritty beats and top notch rhymes. Look for it soon!
dYING BREED– N-Afek and Richard Cook have joined forces once again to bring you dYING BREED’s long overdue second album.

 RAP MONSTER – A.C.E. O.N.E.’s solo debut.  A.C.E. is probably the hardest working man in local hip hop.  After standing in the shadows of some great talent, it’s time for the ‘big city country boy to shine.  This project is going global !!!
There will undoubtedly be more dope hip hop coming from the wormhole.  You gotta keep checking www.wormusic.com for all the details.
Happy 2011….let’s keep improving on last year.
Richard Cook / wormusic


Naptown’s Butterfly Toungz Wins SCE’s Christmas Challenge

23 Dec

Butterfly Toungz won accolades from judges with their song “That Time of Year” and became the winner of SCE Station’s Christmas Challenge.  “That Time of Year” has a rhythmical old-school, hip-hop flavor with catchy rhymes that brings back memories of Christmas past.  You can listen to “That Time of Year” on www.scestations.com and it is available for purchase on iTunes.   

Butterfly Toungz



Sub-One [also of wormusic’s Grumpy Old Men] and DJ Germ the members of the group met back in 1999 in Indianapolis, IN.  They both hit it off and decided to form the duo Butterfly Toungz.  Butterfly Toungz is known for beat boxing over break beats and combining elements of classic rock, jazz, funk, soul and old-school hip-hop in their music.


Butterfly Toungz’ latest album “Adversity” was nominated twice for “Best Album of the Year,” by Independent Music Awards & Just Plain Folks.  Their third album “Wide. Open. Space.” was critically acclaimed by Indianapolis Star, NUVO Entertainment Weekly, Distortion Music Magazine and Shotgun Reviews. 



Log on to www.scestations.com to hear music from Butterfly Toungz and other similar artists.


Go DOWNLOAD  “That Time Of Year Holiday Remixes” by Butterfly Toungz ft. Richard Cook and N-Afek on Amazon


One from the [wormusic] Vaults

1 Dec

Just wanted to re-shed some light on this epic release from October 2009, wormusic presents… Children of the Corn. Richard Cook managed to gather a  huge roster of Indiana m.c.’s to showcase their individual styles over his signature boom bap production. This ought to be in every hoosier hip hop head’s collection. Whether you’re from Indiana or not, this is a worthwhile purchase of raw hip hop from an often slept on section of the US!



New Justice League Joint

19 Nov

First new Justice League joints inna minute! Impromptu stylings with various wormix’s. ENJOY!

released 16 November 2010
producer: Richard Cook for wormusic
co-produced by ACE ONE and St. James