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Mashup Monthly-TJ Reynolds,Black eddie,saint RECON, ECHOMAKER 11-12-11

11 Nov

Mashup Monthly featuring ECHOMAKER 11-12-11.






Mashup Monthly featuring ECHOMAKER 11-12-11

7 Nov

RECON WED w/ Hinx Jones, ACE-ONE ,3rd Eye Visionaries w/ DJ Top Speed

31 Jan

We are doing it up this week with a special show featuring our man R-Juna from Bloomington.  He is formerly of 2 mics and a kit. Come check out the Indpls Debut of his new group 3rd Eye Visionaries. 

ACE-ONE is the busiest emcee in NAP performing with The Breakdown Kings, Pro-Forms & Mic Sol just to name a few.  Come check out this rare solo set with special guest, Skits!

Hinx Jones got my vote for hip-hop duo of the year in Indpls in 2010 with the release of their debut album, ‘the Eleven Piece’. Come check’em out and visit their super fresh site Bringing Down The Band

Also performing, the Soulution. 

 All Star DJs will be in the house including DJ Top Speed, Deadrisk and Dirty Napz on 4 turntables!

What happened in 2010?

29 Dec

We here at Audio Recon had an extraordinary year. Our catalog has grown to over 80 releases from artists all over the United States. We continue to be a prominent force in the ever changing world of digital music and maintain our relevance globally and in our home base of Indianapolis by organizing many exciting live events and releasing music by some of the city’s most acclaimed artists.

This year we took Indianapolis by storm and hosted epic events at some of the best venues in town. In addition to memorable shows like “the NOW School” at the Vogue, our Broad Ripple Music Fest showcase w/ headliner Serengeti, and numerous shows at the historic Melody Inn, we’ve become pretty cozy at Local’s Only Art & Music Pub. They’ve been gracious enough to allow us to set up shop every Wednesday night for the past 20 weeks. Our weekly Recon Wednesdays have been a succesful experiment combining great performances from top local acts with out of town bands. We hope to continue this in 2011 and bring more touring artists to town.

Audio Recon and our partner labels delivered many great new albums to the digital market place in 2010. Audio Reconnaissance released new albums from S.A.I.N.T ReconKate Lamont, Mab Lab, Sarah GrainTJ Reynolds, the Algebraists, and Rusty Redenbacher & SPStar . Invisible Inc Multimedia delivered new releases from Stone Messiah and A Man Called Relik. Pattern Hungry Records released albums from Tinyfolk, A Paper Cup Band, Jenny Is A Boy, and Dietrick Klooster. Wormusic dropped a dope new EP from Richard Cook as well.

Id Obelus and Ace Ha released our first ever maxi-single in 2010 entitled, I love Rap. The song was licensed to TAG Games for use on the hit rhythm action video game, B-Boy Beats (TAG Games/Mobile Pie) for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

In addition to the above releases dropping on itunes, amazon, and every other major vendor of digital downloads, we also launched our bandcamp page as a one stop place to get FREE releases from us. This year we brought to you, “The Courage to be an Absolute Nobody“. Our first compilation, a tribute to J.D. Salinger packed full of progressive hip hop tracks from artists on our rosters and beyond which featured appearances from underground favorites such as 2Mex, Neila, Staplemouth, and Nomar Slevik among others. We also brought you free releases from Yeti-One, Whois Louis and DefameId Obelus (wormusic), Ligyro (pattern hungry records), re-releases from the Dreadnots and president E. Brown’s Glitch Clique , plus singles from S.A.I.N.T. Recon and wormusic’s Dying Breed.

This year we also teamed up with independent label, Asthmatic Kitty Records to create ‘Dead Zone RMXS’, a free EP to celebrate the release of Jookabox’s Dead Zone Boys which showcased our artists’ interpretations of songs from the album.

In addition to everything else, this past year we started renting a studio in the Murphy Art Building in Fountain Square which we share with our partners at Pattern Hungry Records.

We have big plans to continue evolving on into the new year with new artists set to join our roster plus a few new team members to help with the business side of things as we continue to grow. Please come out and party with us this Wednesday @ Local’s Only as we present our 3rd annual “Rap Up” show celebrating another great year of independent music. Thanks so much to all of our artists and supporters! It’s been an awesome year… let’s keep building in 2011!

Special Thanks to these friends and contributors; Michael Kaufman at Asthmatic Kitty, Dan Farhner of BRMF and Transpanther, Kyle Long & Cultural Cannibals, Dave & Kevin at LOMAP, Gibson Thorn of Street leaves, Musical Family Tree, Nathan Monk Art, Aaron Coleman, Four See Entertainment, Spitten Writtens, Eratic & Mr. Kinetik, Dave at The Melody Inn, Matt Schwegman at The Vogue, The Murphy Art Center, DJ Deadrisk, and Big Car.

Recon Wednesday Thanksgiving Eve Celebration

18 Nov


Come give thanks for the music and party with Rusty Redenbacher, Echomaker, S.a.i.n.t. Recon, Id Obelus, and DJ Deadrisk next wednesday @ Local’s Only!

Please take a moment to invite your friends via the facebook event page. Hope to see you there!


1 Nov

“Here’s a bit of what my original plan for ‘Lazarus’ was gonna be.

SPStar and I created this really dope album and I wanted it to translate to a larger group of people. I knew the songs were good enough for that. A band was formed and the task of recreating/reshaping the ALBUM, ‘Lazarus’. The band would have the same name as the album and kinda be like the truest physical representation of the album.

It was a good time while we had it going, but we had to let it go. I’m glad we did get into a studio and got a few demos recorded. I shot this before practice one day; just showed up with the tripod and camera, told the dudes we were doing a video and shot us jamming through ‘Older’ a few times.

A bit of the original album version appears at the end of this video, along with an epilogue.”

-Rusty Redenbacher

‘LAZARUS’ – Rising in December on Audio Recon… Keep your ears peeled.


World Premiere Video!The Murder Prophecy by s.a.i.n.t. RECON

27 Oct

s.a.i.n.t. RECON continues to push musical boundaries with this fresh new cut of head nodding super-galatic funk-hop.

Watch the new video for The Murder Prophecy by s.a.i.n.t. RECON and download the song for FREE!!

Please get out and support these cats if your in Nap at the Battle of Birdys Oct 29th!