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Song of the Day

5 May

This is one of my all time favorite tracks we have released.  A subdued masterpiece by Yeti-One and 90lbs from there Algebraists album The Diamond Age.


Lazarus …close to the bone

3 Nov

Rusty Redenbacher & SPStar – Lazarus… rising this December

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1 Nov

“Here’s a bit of what my original plan for ‘Lazarus’ was gonna be.

SPStar and I created this really dope album and I wanted it to translate to a larger group of people. I knew the songs were good enough for that. A band was formed and the task of recreating/reshaping the ALBUM, ‘Lazarus’. The band would have the same name as the album and kinda be like the truest physical representation of the album.

It was a good time while we had it going, but we had to let it go. I’m glad we did get into a studio and got a few demos recorded. I shot this before practice one day; just showed up with the tripod and camera, told the dudes we were doing a video and shot us jamming through ‘Older’ a few times.

A bit of the original album version appears at the end of this video, along with an epilogue.”

-Rusty Redenbacher

‘LAZARUS’ – Rising in December on Audio Recon… Keep your ears peeled.


MC’s, get down on that “istic sound”! courtesy of wormusic

15 Oct


Calling all rappers, mc’s, poets, and wordsmith’s sisters. Gather your best bars and report to Dick Chef’s kitchen!


This link will take you to 3 beats that Richard Cook of wormusic has posted.  Download those beats… choose the one you’re feeling most…  contact Richard Cook (visit wormusic.com and click the CONTACT button @ the top right of the page) to check the availability of the beat you fancy… Drop a mean 16…   send your a’cappella to Richard Cook.

Dick’s disclaimer: “These beats are unmixed and taste rough but they’ll be fully mastered with the vocals in place.  The dopest cuts will be featured on the 2010 wormusic/Audio Recon release called – “ISTIC SOUND”.  The only requirement is that you contact me (Richard Cook) before dropping to make sure the beat’s still open. There will be more beats posted shortly so stay tuned!”  0+<

An Epic BRMF Line Up!

14 Oct

Of course you’re all going to trot your asses out to our showcase @ Local’s Only on Saturday evening… But, what are you going to do with yourself during the day? We recommend checking out the massive line-up that BRMF has in store this year! Might we suggest stopping by the Indianapolis Art Center to see the amazing Sarah Grain @ 1:00 PM? Also, be sure to stop by Savvy Salon for the Heavy Gun Blog Beat Battle / Hip Hop Stage… 1st round of the battle starts @ 2pm, lots of friends and Audio Recon Reps will be in attendance and competing in the battle… Let’s show some love!

Heavy Gun Beat Battlers: 90 Lbs (of the Algebraists), AR Mac, Ruse One, Blake Ali, BeachHouse, Dawhud, Defame, El Carnicero, Fire, Hakeem, Joe Harvey (of Twilight Sentinels), JP from Dirty Thirty, Lonegevity, Motif, Soul Cinematic and Whois Louis.

New Stone Messiah Video

13 Oct
Music Video for Stone Messiah’s “BC 2 Me” off of his first LP Amerikan Idol. Directed by Josiah Greiner ( Da Vine Grindhouse/Twisted Images productions) and Merc Versus (Invisible Inc MultiMedia).
catch Stone Messiah performing with Merc Versus and DJ Matt Fresh @ our Broad Ripple Music Fest Showcase @ Local’s Only this Saturday @ 9PM

Yeti-One’s new single and instrumental album

12 Oct

“Rock With Us” Produced, written and recorded by Yeti-One

“Sounds for the Silent” is MC/Producer Yeti-One’s first instrumental album. SFTS is a heady, experimental album. It is a perfect soundtrack for walking through the city or deep contemplation. Quite the opposite of Yeti’s usually energetic forceful hip-hop tracks, SFTS is a mellow psychological experience.

Get these and more free music over @ cutcamp.com